We believe that after trying out just a few of our online recipes and seeing the high quality parts that we have to offer that you will become just as excited about brewing as we are. That is what drives us and what we hope will drive you to contribute to this growing community of recipe holders and brewing experts that can give you the information on how to create the brew of your dreams easily and with little cost to you.

The idea behind home brewing is that anyone can do it and with the proper guidance, anyone can be good at it. It gives you the opportunity to use your creativity and create a product that is not only the child of your deepest thoughts, but something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Everyone enjoys a good brew, and we are here to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge that you need to make that happen. The brewing community gets better the more people you have, and we have tons of people helping to build this community.

Although we as a site are relatively new, we are full of brewers and readers who have been at the brewing game for quite a long time. People that are passionate about what they do and are able to share their recipes and brewing tips in such a way that anybody could understand. Just like a good beverage, home brewing is better when shared, which is why we are here to give people all of the tools they need to make sure that their brew is the best hard cider on the block and perhaps the best in the state.

Supplies and recipes are just part of what we do

The real benefit to our site is the community that we have built. This is not just another brewing supply site, but a place where people gather to share their best recipes and tips so that other peopel can get the joy out of brewing that we do and that our readers to. That is why we created the site in the first place, to share our passion with other people and let beginners know that no matter your level of experience, you too can become the best brewer in the world with the right brewing supplies.

All of our recipes are tested and put through a strict set of guidelines before they are endorsed by us, and that is not a problem because our readers and admin staff are so adamant about what they do. There is no way that our recipes are not the best because we have the best collection of people that are truly dedicated to their craft. Come here for tips on how to brew no matter your level of skill and recipes for novices and experts that are sure to be the talk of the town.