Fresh Apple Cider Recipes

Beer has long been the leader in the home brewing industry. It is popular, relatively easy to brew, and easy to be creative with. It has long been a staple in the world of home brewing and remains so to this day. however, there are other factors and recipes that are creeping up on beer and quickly becoming the most popular home brews, the most significant of which is hard cider.

Hard cider has the capability of overtaking beer in quick fashion simply due to its ease and great taste. There are hundreds of different apples to experiment with, each with its own distinct taste and aroma, which lends to the best and innovative brewing recipes. Anybody can get apples and the fact that home brewers are taking interest is very evident.

The future of brewing

We believe as though hard cider is the future of the brewing industry. Beer has been king for so long that we believe that it is time for another brew to take its place, and that cider will be that brew. There is already a huge community of hone brewers that specialize in home brewing cider, and the fact that they are emerging in this day and age, the age of social media is why we believe that it is the brew of the future.

We will be here every step of the way to see the progression of cider and how it fares on a global scale in terms of how popular it is with home brewers. As brewers ourselves, we have seen it creep up on the charts and believe that in no time at all it will be the recipe on the tip of everybody’s tongue.